Who are the people behind AGTG Creations ?

About Us

Just how did we get into the jewelry business anyway?

We are a husband and wife team of dedicated and creative people who have set out on a journey to create the best, most unique and beautiful jewelry we possibly can while giving all glory to God who has blessed us the very abilities we are using and continues to bless us!

You want details though right?  Of course you do, who doesnt?!  Here goes!

In November of 2017 one of our local craft stores was having a very good sale on beads and Trish saw the ad in an email and already had a few beads, some craft wire and beading thread and thought “why not get a bit more when it’s on sale and make some jewelry, could be fun!”.

As she dragged her patient husband (Andrew) around the craft store he figured “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” and jumped on the band wagon and began planning to weave paracord bracelets.  Then, while perusing the beading isle on one of her excursions he noticed a book on chainmaille and the rest, as they say, is history!

The business side came a bit later, much with God’s leading, and before long AGTG Creations was born and has been growing steadily ever since!

*dramatic narrator voice*

A little more info about the makers:

Let’s start with our awesome resident ‘chainmailler’ and all-around fantastic husband: Mr. Chainmaille!   Possibly better known as Andrew.

He loves weaving chainmaille and enjoys watching a weave take shape!  Every time a new shipment of jump rings comes in from a long awaited order for more/new jump rings it’s just like Christmas morning!  Packaging and box and papers everywhere with Mr. Chainmaille running off to his desk with his shiny new toys! (Do you blame him?  Especially when they’re Argentium Silver or Rose gold filled rings!)

*dramatic narrator voice continues*

On to our wire-work and beading aficionado and lover of all things pun: Wire We Beading?  Bad puns aside, during the advent of Mr. Chainmaille’s discovery of the joys of creating chainmaille jewelry,  Trish was happily skipping along the path (read: dragging a resigned and loving husband along said path) of learning beading; always having had a curiosity and interest in creating beaded jewelry.

Suffice (it) to say that the pure beading did not last very long!  She quickly discovered wire-weaving and fell in love with that very versatile style of jewelry creation and hasn’t looked back once.  She loves working with copper using beads as accents and is also branching out into Argentium Silver.

*dramatic narrator voice ends*

While AGTG’s journey is still quite new, we’ve advanced in huge leaps and bounds and are completely dedicated to creating the best product we can while giving AGTG.  Just what does that mean, anyway, you ask? Simply this:


If you had any questions about us we hope you found them answered here! If not, please feel free to contact us; we’d love to hear from you!