Caring For Your Fine Jewelry Creations

ARGENTIUM® Sterling Silver

ARGENTIUM® The Finest Silver

Argentium® is highly tarnish-resistant and easily cleaned.  Argentium Chainmaille loves a gently warm bath with a bit of mild soap.  While the silver will not prune like we do, it prefers a short immersion and rinsing.

Argentium Chainmaille Jewelry will happily benefit from a spa day just like the rest of us!

  1. Run a bath of gently warm water in a glass or plastic bowl or container, and add a drop of mild detergent.
  2. Immerse your Argentium Chainmaille jewelry for up to two minutes.
  3. Remove from bath and rinse under gently warm running water.
  4. Lightly pat dry with a soft, dry wash cloth or hand towel then allow to fully air dry.

If you and your Argentium Chainmaille Jewelry have been spending a lot of quality time together the surface of the metal may appear very dull.

Simply follow steps 1. and 2. and add a step while it’s still bathing.

  • 2a. Use a very soft-bristle-only toothbrush (used exclusively for your Argentium, it doesn’t like to share with other silvers) to gently brush the metal in order to clean and polish the jewelry.

After this, your jewelry should be happy and clean; however, if it still requires a bit of pampering, us a very soft microfiber cloth or another very soft cloth.

With a little buffing your Argentium beauty should be shining in no time and ready to help you dazzle!

Please note: Argentium® is unique and prefers to have its own care items all to itself.

DO NOT use traditional Sterling Silver polishing compounds, dips, polishing cloths or any other Sterling Silver tarnish remover or cleaner on your Argentium jewelry.

Anodized Niobium

Good practices to keep your Anodized Niobium Jewelry Creations looking and feeling their absolute best!

It’s tough enough for normal wear, and below we cover some practices that are good to exercise.

  • Remove your jewelry before you apply makeup, lotion, spray perfume or hairspray.
  • Avoid overspray from reaching your jewelry.
  • Remove your niobium jewelry before using any chemical household cleaners.
  • Remove your jewelry before entering the pool.  This applies to most jewelry, it simply isn’t able to appreciate the pool like we do, chlorine is very bad for jewelry and it’s best to leave it off for longevity’s sake.
  • If you happen to forget to remove it just rinse with clean water as soon as possible after leaving the pool.
  • Remove your niobium jewelry before engaging in activities that are likely to produce heavy amounts of sweat. After a hot day rinse jewelry in clean water at the end of the day.
  • Keep Anodized Niobium jewelry away from abrasive objects or surfaces such as coins, keys, sand etc.  The lovely color of niobium is only “skin deep” (see our page on ‘Metals We Use’ and also ‘Allergen Information’) and scratches will remove the rich colors.
  • Store with care taken to ensure niobium is not scratched against other types of jewelry.

Lastly, despite the extra care required to keep your Anodized Niobium jewelry looking and feeling gorgeous, it remains a richly colorful, completely nickel-free, versatile metal that makes beautiful and hypoallergenic jewelry. 

Anodized Niobium is like a cat.  Treat it with respect, kindness, and love, and it will purr, sit on your lap and allow you to enjoy the rewards of owning it.

Disclaimer: Niobium Jewelry does not actually purr; although you might, when you see how rich its color is.   It will, however, sit on your lap and allow you to stare at its beauty if you wish.

Mixed Metals

Caring for your mixed metals jewelry such as Argentium Chainmaille Jewelry with Rose Gold- Filled or Anodized Niobium jump rings added is just the same as caring for your Argentium Chainmaille Jewelry.

Mixed metals need love too, and it is perfectly fine to use your Argentium exclusive cleaning toothbrush and polishing cloths for all of your Argentium mixed metals jewelry from AGTG Creations.

Caring for Argentium Chainmaille Jewelry that is mixed with Anodized Niobium will occasionally need special attention given to prevent damage and extra wear on Anodized Niobium.

See our Niobium Care information above.